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It’s obvious that a motorcycle owner would rather spend their time riding the bike instead of washing it, but washing your bike is an essential step in maintaining its showroom quality and appeal. So here’s a quick 15-minute bike wash routine you can try.

Step 1: Water down the bike

Use a hose to water down the bike. This is a necessary first step as once the bike is properly watered, it’ll be the right time to start cleaning different parts. Also, remember that watering should be done only twice. Water your bike the first time in the initial step. Then do it once again when you’ve brushed off all the dirt.

Step 2: Use the right sponges, rags, brushes etc.

Have separate cleaning rags and sponges for different areas. Don’t use the same sponge for cleaning grease off the wheels and cleaning the seat. This will leave grease on your seat. You can also use a brass wire brush as brass is softer metal and won’t scratch. A cleaning product will come handy as well.

Step 3: Pay attention to detail

This makes all the difference. When you’ve finished washing and cleaning, spend time going over the bike one more time with a towel. Wipe the cables, clean the engine casings, rub the wheel hubs, and check to see if you’ve missed any areas.

Step 4: Dry off all the water

Use a towel to thoroughly dry off your bike. Never allow any cloth or sponge to drop on the ground as it can pick up small pieces of grit that can scratch your bike. When you’re finished drying your bike, ride it slowly around the block, squeezing the brakes to pump out excess water.

4 Responses to “15-Minute Bike Wash Routine for Maintaining Your Bike’s Charm”

  1. Syed Asim Shehzad

    From the front its gets muddy too much, something is needed to cover it from the front mud guard area, it ruins the bike look and the rider’s out fit specially the trouser.

  2. Saad

    The front fender of YBR is too small for this 2.75 big tyre, it makes hell in rainy days, the mud splash from tyre ruins bike engine, rider’s shoes & pants, a company like Yamaha should think over it, and provide us a solution for that.

    I bought it as a regular commute bike, but now I feel annoyed going office because the front tyre ruins my shoes & pant every single day.

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Saad, your suggestion has been noted and will be communicated to the respective department.

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