4 Experiences Every Biker Will Remember For a Lifetime | Yamaha Motor Pakistan

Some memories are etched in the back of your mind like a tattoo on your skin. This is more or less the same for bikers, as they tend to remember every significant moment they have on their bike for a long time to come. From taking your first bike ride, to the first problem you face when being on the road, here are a few things you’ll relate with on a spiritual level.

First Bike Ride

You’ve learned how to handle a motorcycle and you know how the hydraulics work. The real test starts when you go out and ride on your own without any support. It might spin out of control, and the brakes might not work, but that first ride will be with you forever.

Running A Red Light

This is one for our daring ones who think no one is watching. Guys, the traffic police are always watching and they’re there for your safety. Sometimes in a rush, you might have run a red light and there’s a first time for everything. Nonetheless, the sheer thrill of being an outlaw becomes a memory you’ll always remember.

First Accident

When you go out on the road, accidents are bound to happen. No matter how many you may have had in your years of biking, the first is always the most memorable one all due to the rush of blood it gives to you. We’ve all been there!

Record High Speed

The first time you hit your own record high speed is always etched into your brain as you keep bragging about it to your friends. However, do keep in mind that racing through an empty highway may be quite therapeutic, but safety should ALWAYS be your first priority.

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