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Every now and then you may witness a traffic jam on the road while riding. It is obviously quite stressful, but not if you let your imagination run wild and make the most of it.

Next time you’re stuck in traffic, look around and spot the following characters near you!

The Horn Troopers

How to stop beeping is an alien concept to this category. Whether the road is jam packed with cars, or there’s barely any room for one to move, honking their horn is an essential part of being on the road. If you’re a biker, you’d know how that feels. The pressure of getting you out of the way and you moving as fast as you can, can get to the both of you.

The Careful Ones

We all know about how the tortoise that won against the hare, right? Moving at the speed of something that is unknown to man, they’re super careful about how they drive. Slow and steady is how they drive while making other drivers move the same way. *Yawn*


One thing some people on the road need to learn about is how to stay calm. The vehicles are not there to harm you, or in some extreme cases if something does happen, they won’t kill you! All that’s needed is a deep breath and maybe stopping on the side to get yourself together.

Road Jockeys

The coolest, recently updated playlist is what they pride themselves in. We agree when you blast those out of your vehicle, speakers blaring and turning the traffic jam into a concert. Swaying to their own tunes but also making it a little annoying for people who aren’t so comfortable with it.

Hulk Hogan

This kind is easily agitated about everything going on around them. The slightest notion of something going out of place, like a motorcyclist overtaking them or the traffic light turning red at the wrong time turns them into nothing less than Hulk himself.

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