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If you’re thinking about being a biker, let us remind you that there are some specific problems that you will be facing on a regular basis. Although being a biker is a very thrilling experience with a lot of perks but while you enjoy the thrills, you also need to learn to deal with these problems that are common with all bikers.

Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs

What you probably never anticipated was the amount of creepy crawlies buzzing and bustling through the air and eventually ending up against your face when you’re having the bike ride of your life. You’re speeding and slicing through the air like Flash himself and splat! There goes that Flash feeling sigh. To avoid this problem, make sure you have your helmet on!

Sweat and Sogginess

Number two on our list is our best friend (not really), sweat! Riding sure is fun but when you’re out there in the full heat of the sun, matters tend to get worse. You start to sweat and clothes feel like a burden and you can’t wait to get rid of them. This is why bikers should have a different set of clothes for the ride.

Helmet Hair

One of the worst things to ever exist in biking history is helmet hair. Helmet hair happens all the time if you follow the rules and wear proper headgear, so at one point you’re all buckled up for your ride and on the other you’re thinking about how you’d look like an ostrich and not like those stars in those movies when they take their helmet off. But it’s all good, as long as you can fix your hair after every ride.

Loose Bolts

As a biker, it is your core responsibility to check that your motorcycle isn’t being used while having its nuts and screws lying loose. Make sure to check every other month just to keep yourself out of danger because if something is loose, you may be risking accidents.

When the Cold Strikes

Nothing and we mean nothing can be as bad as riding in the cold while also having a cold. In such a situation, you’re more prone to catching an infection from the atmosphere and being on the road with a runny nose. Sniffing every now and then and having to wipe your nose while wearing a helmet well, what can be a bigger problem than that? Make sure you wear a windbreaker to counter this issue!

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