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New Year, New you! 5 New Years Resolutions to take the year by storm!

The New Year is all about fresh starts, new goals, and resolutions, and brings with it the opportunity and the excuse to begin anew. Not only does January 1st bring with it the optimism that a fresh start is afoot, but the exhilaration that new beginnings can be created and bring with them successful outcomes. Boldly march towards 2018 with the aim of building better experiences for yourself and your community alike. It is time to welcome 2018 with open arms, and look forward to take the year by storm!

Along with inspiring change and generating excitement for new endeavors, the New Year is also the time to make new resolutions, to set new goals and to get creative with planning out how the year will go. In this regard, we urge you to be passionate and resolve to boldly go where you need to go.


Take charge of your year with confidence
This year, resolve to bring your best to the table, no matter what situation you’re in. Make sure that one of your new year’s resolutions is to always ask yourself, “What can I do that demonstrates my best self?”, and follow through with the answer you get. This not only becomes a habit that truly improves the quality of your life, but is a great approach to your personal and professional life.

It’s time to raise the bar
With each year, our aim should be to exceed the expectations set upon us, and to set ourselves goals that raises the standards we set for our own selves. How can we do this? By raising the bar and aiming for excellence, regardless of how small a task is before us. Strive to do better than last year, last month, or even yesterday.

Transform yourself for the New Year
We know that most transformations take time, but New Year’s Day is a fitting moment to get started. Make this the year that you take the bold steps needed to change your life for the better. Believe in yourself, the work that you do, the relationships and communities around you, even in your approach to life. By defining your goals for yourself, you will be able to transform your life in the coming year!

Get creative with your goals
Marching towards your goals means making sure you seek out ways to improve yourself, whether you are a student, a homemaker, professional, etc. Living in the information age gives us hoards of options laid out for us to choose from, about how we choose to achieve our goals. Use daily planners, apps that enhance the quality of your day, checklists, gadgets, and anything that keeps you focused and alert about achieving your goals this year.

Take the year by storm
Remember, this year is all about being emboldened, and marching forth with confidence towards betterment. This is your time to take the year by storm! In the words of a great Roman philosopher;

Boldness has genius & power & magic in it, and it is that spirit that we embrace when we invite you to push forward and to make Yamaha part of your journey.

14 Responses to “Going boldly into the New Year”

  1. Muhammad Saad Sheikh

    Great Message from Yamaha, we look forward for prosperous 2018 along with Yamaha’s prestige,,

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Saad, Yamaha Motor Pakistan appreciates your comment. Thank you!

  2. Muhammad Adeel Bahtti

    Nice and informative, Would you please told me when Yamaha launches his new “Model 2018”

  3. Manzoo

    Is there any plan to launch 70cc or 100cc motorcycles by YAMAHA Pakistan in near future

  4. ALi

    What is Yamaha Coming up with ,, atleast let me know about cc’s i am planing to upgrade so if u give us something then i can wait …!!!

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Ali, plans are in pipeline. We will keep you updated about the new launch once a decision is taken.

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Imran, we will keep you updated once a decision is taken. please stay tuned for all the latest updates.

  5. Farman

    Dear Yamaha Team,

    please take my suggestion in consideration regarding 125Z, please upgrade 2018 model with alloy rims and disk breaks, it will match with current market trend and will give more perfect ride to the biker.

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Farman, your suggestion has been noted and will be communicated to the respective department.

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