List of Winners for South Region | Yamaha Motor Pakistan

The wait is over! Here is the list of all the winners of May Sales Lucky Draw for South Region. The lucky draw was conducted on the 8th of June 2016 at PC hotel Karachi. Yamaha Motor Pakistan Congratulates all the Lucky winners!

*Prizes to be dispatched after 15 days of announcement.

S No.NameDealerShip NameCNICSpecial CodePrize
1Gulzar AhmedJapan Motorcycle Center55302-0632145-14204Umrah Ticket
2M. Azeem ShamimAl-Meezan Autos4446iPhone
3M. DanishNawab Autos4488iPhone
4Muhammad Adil AkberMehmood Autos4106Tablet
5Asif MehmoodCSD Kala Pul4379Tablet
6Ali SalmanAl-Haram Traders17201-6180306-34253Tablet
7Naveed Ahmed QureshiSharjeel Motors42201-4646607-94402Free Fuel
8S.M Shuja-UddinAl-Meezan Autos42101-1208184-14439Free Fuel
9Nadir KhanJapan Motorcycle Center54400-1812117-74187Free Fuel
10S. Amir Ali TermaziAl-Meezan Autos42101-9049798-54440Free Fuel
11Farman EllahiAl-Meezan Autos42301-6824518-54445Free Fuel
12Ahmed AliMajeed Autos43203-1360506-74041Free Fuel
13Faraz AskariJ.S Autos42101-9920835-74394Free Fuel
14M. AhmedYMPK FNF4720Free Fuel
15Muhammad TabsheerUniversity Autos42000-0773869-94261Gift Hamper
16M. Hasaan KhaljiStar Autos41302-0193986-74062Gift Hamper
17M. SharjeelStar Autos41304-5193366-54063Gift Hamper
18Syed Yasir HussainAl-Meezan Autos42201-6107194-74438Gift Hamper
19Ameer Hamza IyasNawab Autos42201-0420237-74435Gift Hamper
20Allah Buksh JamaliAqeel Autos42201-2772676-94310Gift Hamper
21Saraj MunawarSajid Enterprises52101-3542430-74207Gift Hamper
22Salman/ M. NawazSajid Enterprises52101-6644160-34206Gift Hamper
23Atiq-ur-RehmanJ.S Autos42201-7521689-74385Gift Hamper
24Ifthikhar Ul HassanAsim & Company33102-7293295-54292Gift Hamper
25Zeeshan ManzoorJ.S Autos42301-272478-74387Gift Hamper
26Qazi M. JanAqeel Autos4315Gift Hamper
27M.Ayaz QureshiYMPK FNF45303-7280062-54456Gift Hamper
28ArfatMehmood Autos41303-7146543-74109Gift Hamper
29Syed Hussain ShahAlamdar Motorcycle Centre54400-0394275-54174Gift Hamper
30Ahmad AliCSD Kala Pul42201-0511162-94133Gift Hamper
31M. Faizan Usman/
Rehan Qureshi
Al-Haram Traders42101-2015028-34246Gift Hamper
32M. TariqAl-Haram Traders17101-6819752-14249Gift Hamper
33M. Ishtiaq BhattiCSD Kala Pul4134Gift Hamper
34Mazhar LatifAsim & Company4293Gift Hamper
35Nadeem Haider KhanAsim & Company42201-8297119-54295Gift Hamper
36Shoaib AhmadYMPK FNF4584Gift Hamper
37Faizyab AliCSD Kala Pul4381Gift Hamper
38Uzair AhmedAsim & Company42201-4887081-94291Gift Hamper
39Dr. Habib AhmedAlamdar Motorcycle Centre54400-0465674-74158Gift Hamper
40Abdul ManaanJapan Motorcycle Center4199Gift Hamper
41S. Zulkarnain HaiderUniversity Autos42501-1006704-54272Gift Hamper
42ShamsUddinUniversity Autos42101-8978826-54280Gift Hamper
43Zeeshan AliJ.S Autos4390Gift Hamper
44M. ZeeshanNawab Autos4486Gift Hamper
45M. Abdul ShehzadNawab Autos42101-5877308-94426Gift Hamper
46Jamil AhmedJ.S Autos42501-1487489-14393Gift Hamper
47Sabir NafeesAl-Meezan Autos42101-1888920-34349Gift Hamper
48Irfan AhmedNawab Autos4356Gift Hamper
49M. TalhaYMPK FNF36302-6984611-94678Gift Hamper
50Ishtiaq anwarSajid Enterprises52203-2781946-74213Gift Hamper
51M. Asjad Ali BalochCSD HYD4112Gift Hamper
52M. Sohail ShahzadYMPK FNF42101-1432412-34676Gift Hamper
53Chevron PakistanAl-Haram Traders4259Gift Hamper
54Chevron PakistanAl-Haram Traders4260Gift Hamper
55Ali JanAlamdar Motorcycle Centre54400-0430440-34175Gift Hamper
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