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Yamaha Motor Company has always been the leading manufacturer and distributor of motorcycles worldwide with a growing number of outlets and branches in every country. Recognized as an established brand worldwide, Yamaha motors has a huge history behind it. Let’s dig into that history!

The Early Beginnings

Yamaha Motor Company was founded in the year 1955 by Genichi Kawakami, the first president of Yamaha. The same year marked the development of Yamaha’s vert first motorcycle, which was the YA-1.

The Future was Bright from the Very Start

Being a newborn company, against all odds, Yamaha proved its competitors wrong straight from the get-go. The YA-1 went ahead to win 125cc in The Mount Fuji Ascent race right after it was manufactured. Even though the motorcycle along with the company were new, Yamaha showed authenticity. In the same year, the company won the first three places in The All Japan Autobike Endurance Road Race in 125cc with the same YA-1 model.

Some Other Noteworthy Historic Moments

There’s no doubt in our minds that Yamaha indeed was a huge success right from the start, but if you still have any doubts, here’s all you need to know: Yamaha was on a winning streak for two years straight with their initial models. In 1956 they secured almost all the leading positions in motorcycle races.

When Yamaha Made It Into the Big Leagues

In year 1958, Yamaha entered the big leagues in the United States of America to make their entrance in the international world of racing. The biggest occasion was an event by the name Catalina Grand Prix where they secured the 6th position competing against the best of the best of that time. Not bad for a newly developed company at that time, is it?

In the same year, Yamaha’s YA-2 won the “Good Design” award which described Yamaha Motor Company as one of the “big dogs” in the world of motorcycle manufacturing.

The Later Decades

The 1960-1970 era was Yamaha’s time to shine the brightest. Their first outboard engine was introduced for the world to see and later used in the Man TT race securing 6th place. Winning the Belgium GP for 250cc in 1963 proved that the company was here to change the world of motorcycling with its work. The 70’s proved to be more fruitful than the previous years which just added to the glory.

Today, Yamaha Motors in not only a symbol of ingenious success but shows an amazing amount of consistency throughout the years. The company has now gone worldwide and made its official entry into Pakistan. Here’s to more success for YMC!

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