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Let’s hit the road this summer on two wheels and have an all-boys road trip. Plan an all weekend road trip from Karachi to Hyderabad, Karachi to Gawadar, or Lahore to Islamabad, or hit the road for a longer adventure from Karachi to Hunza. Motorways have improved significantly and road trips have become easy and safe.

Gather your boys and set off on your Yamaha. Summers are the perfect time to reunite and have fun. Grab your duffle bag and pack your stuff and be ready to go. With Yamaha’s halogen lights bike rides have become easy and smooth even during the night. Create your own version of Wild Hogs in Pakistan and have the most memorable trip.

Long road trips can be a blast only if you are prepared. Things to know before you head off:

  • When riding for such a long trip, first thing you need to do is decide which route you have to take, keep an estimated time for which you will be driving before you switch turns.
  • Considering that it’s getting hotter day by day make sure to stop to rest during mid-day and keep yourself hydrated throughout.
  • Keep a power bank to charge your phone. Always carry a first aid box with you because bike rides can get messy.
  • Make frequent stops for snacks and drinks because you don’t want to fall sick of the heat and spoil the party.
  • If you are headed to a specific place it’s always better to make reservations as its summer and it’s peak tourism season.
  • Watch what you eat because road trips can be stressful and tiring and people tend to fall sick.
  • Explore and visit new places or stop by at some villages. It can be refreshing and stimulating and an easy escape from city life.
  • One of the most important things: stay positive!! A few mishaps are okay and normal no need to go all crazy over it and ruin the whole trip for everyone. There is always one person in the group who loses his calm within seconds so make sure to take control and precautions for that one. Teach him to keep calm and bike on.

Last but not the least eat, ride, sleep, repeat! Have a hell of an adventure, boys!

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    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Taimur, please contact us at (021) 38402002 🙂

  1. Samiullah

    Hello frnds i m from faisalabad
    Bht time plan bana frnds sath per her bar cancel ho gaya mere frnds ny kar diya
    Agar ap men se koi haye hunza sost to please contact me
    Men ap logo k sath bike py apny YBr py jana chahu ga
    Contact thanks

  2. Bhatti

    Trip from Lahore to China border….going through Hunza, Deosai Plains would be awesome. Saving up to move from my Honda 70 Dream to Yamaha YBR 125 G. Will get tubeless tyres and then Rock On!

  3. Shuja Mirza

    I am enthusiastic about long journey, touring, adventure on motorcycles, any one planning trips or long journey tour please let me know

  4. Hassan Ahmed

    Me and the boys are hitting the road on Aug 12. Thank you for the great motorcycle. Hasn’t failed me once. I hope we get to see bigger bikes soon Pakistani youth aches for some action


    mery pass hunda 125 hay our men byke tour like karta no 03217754613 ..i am ready

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Muhammad, Yamaha is not planning any road trip for now. These are just suggestions to keep you updated to how to plan a road trip.

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