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You might have heard about spooky places in the world, but guess what? There are spooky roads too! Here are the top five ones.

The Screaming Tunnel, Canada

As scary as it sounds, the Screaming tunnel is located just off Warner Road near Niagara Falls and is one of the spookiest legends to ever exist. It has been said that if you stand right in the middle of the tunnel and light up a match it will blow out and you’ll hear the screams of a dying girl who, as legend says, burned to death in this very tunnel.

M6, England

Also known as the backbone of Britain, it is one of the busiest, and the longest of motorways in the UK. The six lanes wide road has been named Britain’s most haunted road. People driving on this road have witnessed Roman soldiers marching up and down and many go as far as saying that they’ve seen a troubled woman asking for a lift. A lorry is often seen driving the wrong way, and is always the same one.

A3 Motorway, Croatia

It is an asphalted highway located in Croatia. The road is believed to be haunted due to a ridiculously insane number of accidents and paranormal encounters that have taken place on it. An estimate of 2,293 accidents, 54 deaths and 180 serious injuries have occurred there, and some happen the same way as the first accident that occurred.

Clinton Road, USA

Clinton Road is an asphalted road located in New Jersey, USA. It is said to be the scariest road in the US. Clinton road became infamous due to the strange activity that occurs at night. This includes satanic cults and rituals, KKK gatherings, ghost sightings, and some kind of hell hound heard barking around.

Karsaz Road, Pakistan

Located in Karachi Pakistan, Karsaz road is one of the busiest roads in the city. A number of people have borne witness to the paranormal activity that takes place on this particular road. A beautiful bride has been seen roaming near the sidewalks around 3-4 am asking for help. The gravitational pull is evident if you ever come in contact with her, only to turn around and watch her disappear into thin air.


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