After much anticipation, the all new Yamaha YB125Z has been officially launched in Pakistan. There is so much to be excited about and to look forward to after the launch of this new bike. Let’s dive into all the details!

Redefining Comfort and Prestige
Yamaha is looking forward to their new bike as much as everyone else is. This is evident given the enthusiasm and involvement of all the key officials from Yamaha Motor Pakistan who were present at the YB125Z Launch Event.

The YMP executives at the launch event

The Launch Event
In Lahore, April 3rd 2017, Yamaha Motor Pakistan announced the launch of the new YB125Z. The launch included the makers of the bike, Executive General Manager of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Japan) Mr. Hiroyuki Seto, who exclusively said that Pakistan has now become the fifth largest motorcycle market in the entire world and Yamaha has started paying attention to Pakistan as a huge potential market.

Also hosting the launch was Yamaha Motor Pakistan’s Managing Director Shigeru Ishikawa who explained that Yamaha YB125Z is a new and unbelievable experience every individual should get, he also said, “We have big confidence in our new product and it’s time for us to enter the next stage so our valued customers can now experience the real.”

A New Beginning
The new YB125Z comes with breathtaking features, starting from their wider seat which is designed especially for pillion riding, to avoid a lot of vibrations there is engine balancer. Not just this, but it has new and improved halogen headlights and features a self-starting mechanism for all motorcyclists. There are many more countless features the bike has to offer.

Ride The Real: The Exclusive New TVC
The new bike has also been launched along with an exclusive and all-new TVC. It highlights the main features that make the new YB125Z much more interesting. You can watch the commercial here:

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  1. Mansoor Ashraf

    Overall this bike with different options is good. Wheel alignment has been a major issue for bikes. Therefore, the bike must contain Alloy Rims. Where speed of bike has been a concern, there must be a concern to brake a bike. Therefore, the bike must be fitted with Disc Brake. Thank you.

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Mansoor, your suggestion has been noted and will be communicated to the respective department.

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