Things Every Biker Should Keep In Mind This New Years | Yamaha Motor Pakistan

It’s only a matter of days and we will welcome 2017 with open arms, and while we’re doing that, some of us will forget all safety precautions that we should be taking because all we’ll be thinking about is how much partying can be done during this time. So we’ve outlined a couple of things you should keep in mind for New Years.

Less Drifting

This new trend where young people on motorcycles try to swerve and come up with extremely dangerous tricks that could end in casualty needs to stop. If you’re thinking of participating in something like this, our advice would be to stay away from anything that might cause the slightest of damage to you or your bike.

Importance of Headgear

Your helmet is a very important part of your biker persona and is there to keep your head safe at all times while you’re on the road, so let’s not forget to wear it at all times.

Traffic Rules

Always keep in mind that it’s not just you who is celebrating the New Year’s. So don’t do something on the road that will ruin the celebrations of others. For this purpose, following all traffic rules and road regulations is necessary so you don’t spoil anyone else’s New Year.

All of this is essential to your safety, but by no means are we saying you should limit the amount of fun you have. So stay safe and enjoy the parties – Yamaha wishes you a very Happy New Year!

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