The features of a motorcycle play a really important role, quite literally. Here are some amazing things we’d like to highlight about the YBR for you.

Block Pattern Tires

Tires are an essential part of a motorcycle and should be treated as such. While focusing on your two-wheeler, try not to forget about the very thing keeping it moving i.e. the wheels. Yamaha comes with exclusively designed block pattern tire which provides a good road grip and an excellent traction on wet, dry and muddy roads.

Halogen Headlights

Bikers need to be visible to every driver on the road all the time. Most people don’t really give much attention to headlights here and continue on without them if they’re broken or fused. YBR comes with halogen lights that illuminate the motorcyclist track while riding at night or in poor light conditions.

Engine Guard

Specifically designed to safeguard the engine from damage and scratches that might occur while riding on rough and muddy tracks. It holds great importance for those who wish to take their motorbike off the road and it can also be really useful for those who love going on road trips.

Padded Seating

What’s the big deal about a seat? A seat is a seat, sit down and ride. This is probably what the majority of the bikers think about it, but that’s not the case. The comfort of a biker depends solely on the seat, especially when the biker’s on a road trip, a seat can make or break the journey. YBR’s padded seat provides cushion and ease to its rider.

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