Equip Yourself with the Right Protective Gear

Equip Yourself with the Right Protective Gear

While being a part of the motorcycling world, you must realize there’s a lot more to it than you could have imagined. The number of accessories a person can buy to enhance their motorcycling experience is endless. But how many of those are worth the investment? Below is your guide to safety riding gear ranging from helmets, jackets & pants, gloves, and boots.



People often complain that safety headgears and helmets are uncomfortable. While questions like these arise, should I wear one? Do I really need one? The answer is YES! You must be equipped with safety gear to avoid any potential damage caused by an event of a crash. The most important aspect to consider with helmets is the size and shape. The shape of the rider’s head plays a crucial role in selecting a proper fitting motorcycle helmet, so it’s not too tight or loose but just right for your safety needs.

A helmet’s life span is an aspect that should also be considered, it varies from person to person, supposing if you have been in an accident then your helmet will expire after ‘1’ crash so replacing it is a must. According to a Motorcycle Safety Foundation, if your head struck anything during an accident then your helmet has absorbed some impact shock. In case if your helmet hasn’t been exposed to any accidents then it is recommended to replace it every ‘5’ years due to hair oils, body fluids, cosmetics, regular wear and tear all contribute to helmet degradation. After all a stylish helmet won’t only provide you protection on the road but also add some flair to your ride.


Jacket & Pants

There is no universal standard when it comes to the selection of clothing for bike riding. Motorcyclists prefer using leather or denim since they offer resistance to the wind when travelling at highway speeds and diffuse friction from the road in the event of a crash. The jacket and pant should fit comfortably, without being big or bulky, and offer the function you require. Wearing shorts while riding isn’t a good idea so avoid it.



Gloves are an essential accessory for debris protection and temperature insulation, these play a crucial role in the event of a crash since we instinctually fall on our palms. Leather or Kevlar are good choices for hand gloves since they offer padding and protection on the fingers, knuckles, and back and front of the palm.  Wearing safety hand gear can reduce the risk of injury to the hands by 45% and risk of open wounds by 73%.



Footwear is a personal choice to choose from, there are factors such as a non-skid sole and oil resistance that can be considered while making a selection. Although wearing suitable motorcycle boots can minimize the risk of injury by 45% and risk of an open wound by 90%. Wearing boots which cover your ankles are always better for extra safety and protection.

The above are to guide you to experience a safer riding journey. You must ensure you follow recommended safety disciplines to avoid an event of crash. A complete set of riding gear may save you from serious injuries. Happy Riding!

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