Who can register as a member of the Yamaha Riders Club?

Only those individuals who are the first owners of the YAMAHA-brand motorcycles – YBR125, YBR125G, YB125Z & YB125Z-DX –can become members of the Yamaha Riders Club.

Are there any other requirements for membership?

Yes. All members must be above the age of 18 at the time of registering, and must hold a valid Motorcycle Driving License. Riders must prove ownership of their motorcycle by sharing their Yamaha motorcycle’s chassis number & engine number. The Yamaha Motor Pakistan team will first verify your details and then confirm your membership.

How do I register for the Yamaha Riders Club?

Follow the given steps to become a member of the Yamaha Riders Club:


Step 01: Fill the form on the Sign-up Page.

Step 02: The provided information will be verified by Yamaha

Step 03: A confirmation message will be sent within 15 days of sharing the registration document.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

You will not only become part of a larger community of fellow riders, but will also experience the true meaning of being one – from experiential learning to practical implementation of safety measures.

Why do I need to enter my information?

To complete the registration process, Yamaha Riders Club requires some basic bio-data. Yamaha values your privacy, therefore, your information is always secure and only utilized to serve you better!

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