Getting Ready For the Ride

Getting Ready For the Ride

A motorbike road trip is an exciting experience, where you will want to stop and take a break to observe the beauty of a particular view. However, it is crucial to learn about a few helpful tips before you set out on a long distance ride.


Safety Riding Gear


You must begin with equipping yourself with the basic apparel for motorbike traveling, including a thermal or textile jacket, full-length pants, gloves and closed shoes. Keeping in mind, you should be dressed in waterproof clothing in case you are travelling to tropical wet climates. Hence your attire should be waterproof, windproof and breathable. Lastly, purchasing a good quality helmet with an anti-fall visor will last a longer time while also providing up to mark protection.


Condition of Your Ride


Your bike tires should be updated and in good shape for your travels, while keeping a puncture kit with you can come handy. You must also be aware of the skills required to change a puncture.


Tools to Keep on Your Trip


Some top of mind essentials include a camp tent, sleeping bag and a floor mat. Some tent materials are weather resistant that keep out snow & cold temperatures as low as -20 degrees. A floor mat can be useful in times of camping or resting in case the ground is rocky.


Space Management & Other Tools


There are different ways to enhance space storage by using side bags and tank bags. These bags can help store all your personal belongings such as electronic items. You should also keep polythene sheets to waterproof your bags and luggage in case of rainy weather. It is always wise to get your motorbike checked by an expert or your personal mechanic before you head out on your trip.



So to make your ride truly enjoyable and ensure the long-life of your Yamaha motorcycle, keep your motorcycle in perfect shape!


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