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Terms & Conditions

Copyrights and legal liabilities

The Yamaha Motor Web sites (global.yamaha-motor.com, www.yamaha-motor.co.jp, race.yamaha-motor.co.jp, rugby.yamaha-motor.co.jp, blog.yamaha-motor.jp, news.yamaha-motor.co.jp, sea-style.yamaha-motor.co.jp, parts.yamaha-motor.co.jp, search.yamaha-motor.co.jp, www2.yamaha-motor.co.jp, www2.yamaha-motor.jp, online.yamaha-motor.jp; hereafter referred to as our Web sites) are operated by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. , Yamaha Motorcycle Sales Japan Co., Ltd. and Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the Group). In order to use our Web sites (including searching and appreciating), it is necessary to read and agree to abide by the rules of use stated below.

The Group retains the right to change the rules of use without notice, so we ask that you be sure to check the current version of these rules.

Last Update: June 18, 2013

1. Concerning Links

Links to our Web sites

As a basic rule, links can be made to our Web sites as long as they are for non-profit purposes. When posting a link, you must use a banner supplied by our site.

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  • cmn_banner_001

* Changing the format or otherwise altering the banners is strictly prohibited.

Be informed that sites deemed to be unsuitable for linkage to our Web sites due to reasons such as offensive contents from the standpoint of public civility and morals, regardless of whether they be commercial or non-profit, will not be permitted to link to our Web sites, and we reserve the right to demand removal of links determined to be unsuitable.

When linking to our Web sites, the use of frames and the like that make the contents of our pages appear to be part of the home page from which the link is made, or any similar practices that lead to confusion concerning the origin of the contents, will not be accepted. Please be sure to design links so that the user is transferred completely to the page within our site or a new browser page is opened to display our sites page.

Please be informed that URL can be changed or removed without notice and the page to which you are link may no longer exist.

Links from our Web sites

As a basic rule, links from our Web sites are made only to sites of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., the domestic and foreign affiliated companies and non-profit sites within the industry. Please be informed that we do not make links to general sites.

2. Concerning Copyrights and Other Rights

The rights to all contents (text, photographs, illustrations, etc.) on our Web sites belong to the Group or our domestic and foreign affiliated companies, or else they are contents that the Group is using under license. All of these contents are subject to copyrights, image rights, trademark rights, design rights, patent rights and the like that are protected by Japanese law or international agreements.

Concerning the transfer of data such as catalog information, images and related data, any use {reproduction, alteration, uploading, posting, transmitting, distribution, licensing, selling (includes selling at auction), publishing, etc.} that clearly exceeds the accepted limits as established by law is strictly prohibited. Any such use becomes the complete responsibility of the user. The Group will accept absolutely no responsibility for such use. Also, be aware that the Group may exercise its rights against anyone deemed to be infringing on the Groups rights with regard to copyrights, image rights and the like.

We strictly prohibit the use of any contents on our Web sites (text, photographs, illustrations, etc.) for commercial or profit-making purposes. Furthermore, the posting of information on our Web sites does not constitute a relinquishment of copyrights, image rights, trademark rights, design rights, patent rights or any other types of rights (including the right to use or exercise these rights).

3. Concerning Confidential Information

The Group cannot accept or be responsible for the transfer of confidential or classified information via our Web sites. Any information we receive through our Web sites or received at email addresses posted on our Web sites will be treated as non-confidential/non-classified information and we will accept absolutely no responsibility for protecting the confidentiality of such information. However, customer personal data will be protected and managed according to the rules of our Privacy Policy.

Anyone who sends information to the Group is responsible entirely for the information they send.

4. Concerning suggestions regarding inventions or ideas

There are cases where customers submit inquires to Yamaha Motor group Web sites with the intention of making suggestions regarding inventions or ideas they have. Since such suggestions may involve inventions or ideas (regarding technologies, products, specifications, etc.) that Yamaha Motor Company is already working on but has not made public yet, there is a possibility of misunderstanding arising with such customers. For this reason we ask that customers refrain from making any suggestions concerning inventions or ideas with the purpose of receiving rights or compensation for said suggestions.
We ask for your kind understanding concerning this refusal to accept any suggestions of this nature. Should we receive such suggestions concerning inventions or ideas, they will be treated in accordance with the following rules:

  • The Yamaha Motor group will accept no responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of any suggestions we receive from the customers.
  • The Yamaha Motor group does not recognize the responsibility to return or respond to the contents of any unsolicited suggestions we receive from the customers, including any responsibility to pay compensation regarding such suggestions.

5. Items for which Yamaha Motor Is Exempt from Liability

The Group will accept absolutely no responsibility for trouble, loss or damages resulting from information posted on our Web sites, the use of our Web sites or the inability to use our Web sites.

Any manufacturer-recommended retail prices, specifications, periods of sale, etc., listed for products may be changed without prior notice. Please note that images of products, etc., on our Web sites may give a different impression from the actual product in terms of color, shape, etc., depending on the display environment it is viewed on. The Group cannot guarantee that all the information posted on our Web sites is completely accurate or fully up to date. Unless otherwise specified, all products and services shown on our Web sites are intended for the Japanese market.

Please be aware that the Group retains the right to change any information posted on our Web sites without prior notice or to cease operation of one or more of our Web sites. The Group will not accept responsibility for any damages resulting from changes in information posted on our Web sites or the suspension or termination of operation of our Web sites, regardless of the reasons. Also, the Group accepts absolutely no responsibility concerning Web site that are linked to our Web sites or Web sites that our Web sites have links to.

6. Proper Law and Legal Jurisdiction

Interpretation and application of our Web sites rules of use fall under the jurisdiction of Japanese proper law. Furthermore, our Web sites are to be used on the premise that law suits resulting from any dispute involving our Web sites will be filled at and tried by the designated court of First District Court of Tokyo.

7. Export Control

When exporting technologies, programs or products obtained through this website (including disclosure to a non-resident in Japan), you are requested to comply with applicable laws and regulations including Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law of Japan and/or export control laws of U.S.A.

Should some part of these rules of use be found to be illegal, invalid or for some other reason inapplicable, that fact will not influence the validity of the other parts of these rules.

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