Warranty | Yamaha Motor Pakistan


Now with an Exclusive Engine Warranty of 3 years or 30,000 Kms – put your trust
in Yamaha while you ride!

Important Information for Customers

  • Warranty claim will be applicable according to the Warranty Claim Policy as given in the Warranty Handbook. (For more information, refer to the policy)
  • It is mandatory to use Yamaha Motor Pakistan genuine parts and engine
    oil (Yamalube) during the periodic maintenance of your motorcycle.
  • For periodic maintenance of your bike, it is mandatory to follow the chart as given in the handbook.
  • In order to claim warranty, it is mandatory that the periodic maintenance & service of your motorcycle be performed at Yamaha Motor Pakistan’s authorized dealerships.
  • It is mandatory to maintain periodic maintenance record by entering data in the chart given in the handbook.
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