Y-Ride Islamabad, the Second Event of Yamaha Riders Club

Y-Ride Islamabad, the Second Event of Yamaha Riders Club

The day started off with a welcoming breeze and cloudy weather at Rawal Lake Park, Islamabad. Firstly, a short YRA lesson was conducted with the brief of mass touring formation before their journey begins.

The riders, under supervision of YRA instructors, traveled about 70 km touring in total in one of the most famous winding road in Pakistan. The YRC members rode across the mountains in three groups followed by Chidori formation to ensure a smooth ride on the up-hill route. The riders felt unity without having a conversation and there is no loneliness, which is the uniqueness of Y-RIDE.

The members did not only have an unforgettable adventure but also a feast together in front of a picturesque view of the mountains. The Yamaha riders enthusiastically celebrated Yamaha Day as Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd turned 64 this year!

Yamaha received a very positive response from its club members; “there’s nothing quite like enjoying the open road, gorgeous mountain scenery in pleasant weather and fun to share the same passion with club members.”

The Yamaha Riders Club continues to give not only an exceptional riding experience to its members but also make their hearts rev up every time.

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