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Policy Rules


Yamaha Motor Pakistan is committed to providing high-quality motorcycles to its customers. However, if any defect(s) occur due to faulty material or workmanship, the Company takes the responsibility to settle the warranty claim of the defected part under the warranty claim policy. For the warranty claim to be applicable, the motorcycle must be in proper condition and maintained as per the prescribed maintenance schedule and the customer should be using genuine parts and oil for their motorcycle.

Special Warranty (Engine):
The Special Warranty applies to the engine and is up to 03 years or 30,000 KMs (whichever comes first). Muffler and Carburetor are not parts of the engine.

Normal Warranty (Frame body etc.):
The Normal Warranty (Chassis) is for up to 01 year or 12,000 KMs.
(whichever comes first)

Battery & Tyre Warranty:
The Battery & Tyre Warranty can be availed within 06 Months of purchase date.

  • The motorcycle owner should bring their Warranty Handbook and Warranty Registration
  • Certificate (available inside the Warranty Handbook) along with the complete motorcycle to the warranty dealership.
  • Only the first owner has the right to avail the warranty claim.
  • The motorcycle should be maintained only by Yamaha authorized dealers as per the maintenance schedule provided in the Warranty Handbook on pages 8-11, with the maintenance record to be completely endorsed on pages 12-13. Warranty claim will not be entertained otherwise.
  • Use of Yamaha genuine parts and Yamalube is necessary. If there is evidence of use of non-genuine parts and lube, warranty will be voided.
  • It’s mandatory to fill the warranty card of the battery, mentioning the motorcycle’s purchase date on the warranty card as well. Customers should bring the battery with a completely filled warranty card and their motorcycle at the time of a battery warranty claim settlement.
  • Only defective parts will be replaced in the warranty claim, which will be decided by the warranty dealer upon a detailed checkup. The complete engine or motorcycle will not be replaced in any case.
  • Warranty doesn’t cover any electrical/electronic equipment of the motorcycle.
  • At the time of a Warranty claim settlement, the odometer of the speedometer must be in working condition. If there is evidence of repair on the odometer or in case the speedometer is not in working condition / altered or opened, the warranty claim will not be entertained.
  • The Warranty claim will not be acceptable for any defect caused due to weather conditions such as rusting due to salty winds, contact with industrial waste, and parts submerged in water frequently for long durations, etc.
  • Warranty of consumable parts like tyres, control cables, element air cleaner, brake shoes, brake pad, clutch system, chain & sprockets, spark plug, etc. is not acceptable.
  • Parts damaged due to leakage of battery distilled water will not be eligible for a warranty claim.
  • The warranty claim of tyres or tubes will not be accepted if they have cut-marks, puncture(s) through strike(s), or dented/out of alignment rims.
  • The warranty claim of motorcycles will not be accepted if any use of non-genuine parts or engine oil during the periodic maintenance is identified.
  • Defects due to alteration or customization of the motorcycle by the customer, such as attachment of extra electrical equipment or additional parts like silencer, handle, lights, wrapping or taping, etc. will disqualify the motorcycle’s warranty claim.
  • The warranty claim of motorcycles with defects and damages due to road accidents or natural disasters will not be entertained.
  • Motorcycles with defects due to non-replacement or no cleaning of periodic maintenance parts, such as engine oil, element air cleaner, spark plug, drive chain, brake shoe, brake pad, clutch plates, centrifugal oil filter, etc. will disqualify motorcycles from the warranty claim.
  • Periodic maintenance and repair work not conducted at Yamaha authorized dealers, along with the use of non-genuine parts and engine oils other than Yamalube, will also disqualify a motorcycle from claiming warranty.
  • The warranty claim settlement will not apply on anything other than motorcycles parts, i.e. phenomenon such as noise, temperature, and vibration which are not effecting the quality and performance of motorcycles.
  • Motorcycles used for loading, racing, and taxi purposes will not be entertained for a warranty claim settlement.
  • Motorcycles stored and transported in substandard conditions will not be considered for warranty claim settlement.
  • It’s mandatory to bring the complete motorcycle to the warranty shop for settlement of any warranty claim. Defective parts only will not be sufficient for warranty claim settlement.


  • Carburetor and Muffler ASSY are not a part of Engine ASSY.
  • Yamaha Motor Pakistan (Private) Limited should be the owner of every replaced part in warranty claim settlement.
  • Only Yamaha authorized dealers have the right to settle the warranty claim of Yamaha Motorcycles
  • Only Yamaha Motor Pakistan (Private) Limited has the full & final right to approve the warranty claim of any Yamaha motorcycle which will not apply any legal action.
  • Warranty claims will be entertained only for replacement or repair of defective parts.

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