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How To Claim


Yamaha Motor Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. is committed to providing high quality products to its customers. In case of a rare event where any defect appears in your motorcycle due to some material or workmanship fault, the company takes the responsibility to settle the warranty claim of that defect if it qualifies under the warranty terms and conditions (refer to warranty policy printed in warranty handbook provided with the motorcycle or in the warranty policy tab).

Warranty claim judgements require a high level of technical skill and know-how and the people authorized to handle warranties are specially trained for this purpose, so only specific dealers are authorized to process warranty claims (warranty dealers, quality care shops, or 3S-QC shops). If you face any technical issues which fall within the warranty terms, we suggest you adopt the following procedure to make a claim.

Make a self-judgement

Make sure that your complaint complies with the warranty policy if you want to make a claim (refer to warranty policy).


Visit any nearby authorized service shop for consultation


Ensure you have the required documents


You should be the first owner of the motorcycle, therefore CNIC is required as per ownership record.

Warranty handbook

The warranty handbook with a properly filled & stamped warranty claim registration certificate (no overwriting is acceptable).

Maintenance chart

The maintenance chart attached in the warranty handbook shall be properly endorsed for the maintenance record.

Find Authorized Warranty Dealers

Only authorized warranty dealers are allowed to accept a warranty. Find nearby warranty dealers (quality care shops) in your area > refer to list given in the warranty handbook or our shops tab on the home page.

Visit dealer

Visit the selected dealer with your motorcycle and inform them of your complaint, with complete details. To launch a complaint, it is necessary to bring your complete motorcycle along with the above mentioned documents to the warranty dealer shop.

Proceed to register complaint

The dealer will check the nature of your complaint and will further investigate the procedures.

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