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Yamaha Motor Pakistan is committed to deliver the next level of customer care. We know the importance of customer care in this day and age – customers are often on the lookout to obtain product awareness, assistance in technical queries & dealer tracking at the quickest pace. Modern day customers are also happier when they can manage queries at the tip of their fingers or through an instant phone call.


Hence, Yamaha Motor Pakistan has developed a customer care portal to aid queries and concerns of our loyal customers. We aim to facilitate customer queries in the fastest and most convenient way possible. This portal will allow our customers to ask queries from our professional call center agents to help and guide them in resolving their concerns. Customers will be able to call between 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. from Monday to Friday.

159 Responses to “Customer Care Portal”

  1. Imran Malik

    I have bike Ybr. in sukkur Dealer have not parts i want break show engine oil. dealer fwd to joint shop he will charge extra amount. please bound to dealr disply Origional Parts list in shop and manage proper stock neady items

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Sir, Kindly call at our customer service center 021 3 8899 786 for your issue so that we can guide you better.

    • basharat Hafeez SIDDIQUI

      have been following helping but always ended up with regret. i have been facing warrenty issue for spare parts as ybr g user please do contact me .03423199493

    • Umair Rajput

      My 3rd tuning card was cancelled my capital motors ISB G10, they say that its being 6 months there by its expired now, on the service book its is states by the Yamaha Motors that the bike should be driven 6000km OR 6 months used

    • Muhammad Taha Siddiqui

      Hi, my name is Taha. Last month I bought a ybr 125G bike. I then today went to service center for some after market upgrade. The prices of the products were too damn high. The windshield was of 800 rupees, and by quality it doesn’t even deserve 500 rupees, same situation with legs guard, engine guard, rear tyre cover, headlights, footrest, everything. I visited main shah faisal branch, located at main shahrah e faisal road.

    • Nadir

      Al-Haram Traders is your yamaha authorized retailer. I purchased (bikes) for your retailer but he will charge extra amount for me.
      He will charge 219500 /= but the price of ybz 125 dx is 216500/=.
      So plz check this out that (Al-Haram Traders) is degrading Yamaha sale service and name. And tell me about this what can i do. And what depression to me from Yamaha.

      Thanking you

    • Naeem Ahmed

      I have bike ybz 125 Dx… my bike ,I have feel unbalanced rear wheel alloy rim.i want my bike rear wheel alignment…where I have got this…. now I’m doing job at attock …my native city at jhelum…

    • Osama

      Neutral sensor and wiring short issue in one day bike from showroom

    • Fahad

      Sir mara ps Yamaha ybr 125 esd h jo aga wala wheel sahi nhi ha mana dealer ko dhikiya pr os ko smj nhi aie or hmra city ma Japan autos Wala ha os na kaha ha k agla wheel ka masla ha plz sir ya sahi krwa da as ki waja sa mara accident b ho skta ha

    • Muhammad bin junaid

      All service center of yamaha are not good and neither trustworthy. Having problem in my new bike that my bike vibrate and make noise when rear break is pressed and still not solved even after maintenance on service center. Yamaha need to check its service center across country. They are really rude. Really disappointed by yamaha quality and after sale service.

  2. Arslan Ali Shah

    I am facing front suspension defect since i bought YBR G 125 .. and still couldn’t get any proper service .. my bike alignment is not strength. Sound is coming from front panel .. not comfortable at off road. Kindly consider my message and contact me.

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Sir, kindly contact us on 021 3 8899 786 so that we can guide you better.

      • Edzio

        Really regretting buy this crap ybz version. First of all all yamaha bikes are having several issues and their so called mechanics are fraud.

    • malik noman

      Hello dear,
      Is that huzaifa autos is your yamaha authorized service center????

    • farhan waheed

      i purchase new yamaha ybz dx only 1500 km running and noise of timing chain ., but the claim center reject and thy dont cliam and rude behaviour with customer .,. dar autos jhelum .,. dar autos mostly customer reject and dont claim

    • hassan

      sir can i get ybr g matte on installments in pirmahal city?

  3. Rai Babar Ali

    Dear Yamah kindly respond.
    I want to claim.
    My Yamaha ybr z’s engine is leaking moblile as well as missing after 40km. also timing chain creating problem.
    So, Kindly gu

    • zeeshan Ahmed

      we are waiting for Yamaha mt-15 … why it is still not launched in Pakistan???

    • Faiz rasool

      Dear yamaha . i am blong to jampur city distric rajanpur . hare is your workshop name ajaz atos jampur . this is not a good machanic . the yamaha user r very dissapounted with this . the bike cant give us the exact aquersy . he contain 30km per 1liter fuel . plz open a new workshop and arrange a best machnic for our city . plz contect with me 03333238918

  4. David

    i need information on YB125Z in installment basis
    kindly contact me urgently 0333.2372326

    • Arsal husnain

      I have a yamaha ybr 125g. I had an accident i get it repaired from yamaha approved mechanics in lahore but my bike is not going over the speed of 70 and is consuming alot of fuel as well the bike alignment is not good at all. Pls guide me if i can get it repair from the company or any other solution. I will pay for everything.

  5. Munib

    I went for tuning of ybr 125g with the coupons of yamaha warranty book and the 1s dealer here refuses to take coupons and asked me to pay for the tuning.
    Kindly get back to me

    • Muhammad Taseen

      Did u get reply?
      Or any help from yamaha regarding your issue.

    • farhan waheed

      poor service . dont customer care ., wrong policies . i purchase yamaha ybz dx . timing chain cliam but not resolve ., cliam dealer are non professional they dont have ability to judge fault . i am very disappointed from yamaha brand . naeem dar autos claim center jhelum ..,. i use one time caltex oil but yamaha reject claim they dont accept their machine fault they also blame mobil oil and cutomer .,. fuck yamaha motor company in pakistan

  6. Uzair Khalid


    I bought my ybr g in 2016, since than I’m taking it to Yamaha authorized service center located at mc leod road Lahore for routine maintenance every single time .
    2 months back after tuning the Mechanic advised me to get it’s carb clean next time and I did the same I went to the service center he opened the carborator and told me that it’s mixture screw is struck inside we need to change it for that it will be sent to machinist , I resisted at first than he insisted that it’s necessary so I agreed . Now the problem is his machinist damaged the carborator where the mixture screw is fitted.
    The important thing is it wasn’t carborator fault the rpm meter was showing high rpm . Engine was running at 950 and the meter was showing 1300 so he thought it’s carborator fault he opened it and damaged it in the process and the issue was cleared after just increasing the rpm of engine .

    I use my bike for long trips and em afraid that the damaged part will create problem for me while traveling.
    I request Yamaha management to please look into this matter and replace the damaged carborator. I trusted only Yamaha that is why I took it to Yamaha certified center and acted upon there advise .

    Uzair Khalid

  7. Hamza Ali

    Yamaha is a well-known brand all over the world and keeping its place.
    I bought a Yamaha YBR G on 28th May 2021. Since that date, I’ve observed so many problems with it.

    Let me discuss them one by one:

    On the very next day of purchase, I’ve observed that the seat is damaged a little from the back. I went to Yamaha warranty center Lahore and they claimed that seat but it’s gonna 3rd week & still didn’t get the claim.

    Its trip meter struck at every 99 KMs (trip meter video link) I tried to fix it by resetting it but failed.

    After 1000 KM’s tuning, I observed a clicking sound coming from the engine after 0.5 sec approx. and they are unable to resolve the issue.

    On the handle, I’ve observed the repair marks on the upper sheet called “ainak” in the local language. It seems to be repaired by steel putty and then painted.

    The back brake is causing noise on braking like tractors. Your technicians are unable to resolve this issue too.

    Its ignition key switch is absorbing the water (without any pressure wash). Although, the protective shutter is intact.

    Yamaha logo at the back tale is much dislocated and the logo on the right cover started getting off.

    Have these bikes gone through the phase of quality checking? Moreover, what will be their solution?

    Basically, I switched from Honda to Yamaha just because of their bad quality and after-sales services and I wasn’t expecting this kind of quality from Yamaha.

    Looking forward to your kind gesture.


  8. Uzair Khalid


    I bought my ybr g in 2016, since than I’m taking it to Yamaha authorized service center located at mc leod road Lahore for routine maintenance every single time .
    2 months back after tuning the Mechanic advised me to get it’s carb clean next time and I did the same I went to the service center he opened the carborator and told me that it’s mixture screw is struck inside we need to change it for that it will be sent to machinist , I resisted at first than he insisted that it’s necessary so I agreed . Now the problem is his machinist damaged the carborator where the mixture screw is fitted.
    The important thing is it wasn’t carborator fault the rpm meter was showing high rpm . Engine was running at 950 and the meter was showing 1300 so he thought it’s carborator fault he opened it and damaged it in the process and the issue was cleared after just increasing the rpm of engine .

    I use my bike for long trips and em afraid that the damaged part will create problem for me while traveling.
    I request Yamaha management to please look into this matter and replace the damaged carborator. I trusted only Yamaha that is why I took it to Yamaha certified center and acted upon their advise .


  9. muhammad shaheer

    yamaha please launch a new retro style bike FZX 150 in pakistan ,which you launched in india..please please

  10. Adil Shah

    Please launch yamaha fzx 150 in pakistan please

  11. Muhammad Ghufran

    I replaced headlight of ybr from chiniot they told me its original but after replace headlight high mode not well my bike model ybr 2019

  12. Muhammad Ghufran

    Please make an option for replacement ybr 2019 model with new model

  13. Mudassar Manzoor

    yamaha new model fz16

    when it will be launched in Pakistan

  14. Umer

    When will Yamaha launch a 150cc bike, why is Yamaha not listening to its consumers who love the brand and really want to rev their hearts.

  15. Muhammad Faisal

    i have booked yamaha yb125z dx 48 hours ago ..when this order will be confirmed and delivered will company call for confirmation …how much time is required?

  16. Hammad

    Plz close ur company if u can’t provide spare parts in time. I have been struggling for sprocket set of my YB-125Z for last 4 months, all i got is incomplete set without rear gear. I am fed up with u. Plz do something yourself, dont forward my complaint to ur assistants so that they may start another cycle of false hopes.

  17. Muhammad Emad Uddin

    Assalam o Alaikum,

    i want to know the procedure of warranty claim of Headlight Ring and Handle of YBZ-DX. Both parts have now been rusted.

    Kindly, resolve my issue or query at the earliest.

  18. Hassan

    The portal doesn’t work. Call never connects on helpline. No one responds on social media. Warranty claim is a hoax

  19. Shahid iqbal

    Very good morning
    I bought a Yamaha YBR G HERE From Gujranwala. 3 months age. My usage is very low. Still 895 km driven. Yesterday clutch cable got damaged from engin side. I was astonished for such quality issue. I want to get exchange it with genuine one. . Within my warranty. I think that was low quality issue. Thanks cordially yours
    Shahid Iqbal. Wapda town Gujranwala.

  20. Hassan Shah

    I want to buy Ybr Z Dx but dealers are asking for 10 thousands On
    Actual price is 190 but they are asking for 2 lac?
    What is this? Can i get a bike on actual price in Islamabad ?

  21. Danish

    I purchased Yamaha on 28 of July 2021, its fuel tank paint is so rough.
    Can u please change the tank…

  22. Danish

    I purchased ybz in july 21, its fuel tank paint in not good, can u plz change the tank

  23. Adnan bashir

    Sir i have purchased yb 125z but from first day i am facing piston knocking and still after 1000km .when i concern with dealer and he said all motor cycle has same problem so you cant claim

  24. Shahid mehmood

    A very third class material of Yamaha dhoom motorcycle kuch sharam kr lo beghairto Price dekho or material dekho shame for u

  25. Aun

    I have missing issue in my ybr 2021 model purchased only a couple of months back. I have tried visiting every service and warranty center in Lahore spent almost 5000 but to no avail. The bike is still missing at 80km/h speed or 7.5 rpm. I am a youtuber and I don’t want to post about it on my YouTube channel. I have seen many videos on YouTube from some other channels telling suggesting removal of some parts from air filter to solve the issue but i am not interested in doing so. Kindly help me in solving my issue.

  26. Syed Fraz

    Sir i have 2018 model YBR ESD. It has a oil leakage problem from gear indicator as i have been told by 2 yamaha authorized service center mechanics. I got it changed 3 times and each time leakage stops for 2 or 3 months than it starts again. Im not sure why it happens and i have not seen any other person with this problem.
    Kindly guide me or tell me a place of yamaha where i can get it fixed.

  27. Khurram Shehzad

    Dear YAMAHA Pakistan, I’ve a superior suggestion for you, I hope that you’ll work on this project as soon as possible, now the suggestion is that, launch a YAMAHA Sports Bike within 300,000 PKR, I want to see this bike on roads more than Super Power, Power Sultan 250, now you should make some changes to break the records, first convert YBR 125G to 150cc or 200cc, you can name this as YBR 150s or YBR 200s, now this bike should have digital speedometer, speed 130-150, shape same as sports bike, LED headlight, LED Audi style turn signals, and also LED Tail Light, orange and yellow alloy wheels, dipper switch, engine kill switch, EFI Fuel System with 40-45 KM/L fuel average, water or oil cooled technology, front and rear both disk brakes with ABS, now the last words are that earn minimum but spread your name throughout the Pakistan, all over the world as well, then you can beat other all Chinese brands and replica bikes, Best Of Luck YAMAHA…

  28. Hunzalah hussain

    Aoa I want to buy the fuel tank of Yamaha YBZ 125 model 2018 from where I can buy

  29. Shoaib khan

    My YBR G stop suddenly self or less work horn working

  30. M.zahid

    Dear sir I have purchased yb 125 z and after one week it’s front shock is leaking,kindly guide me better solution.

  31. Hafiz m irfan gul

    Dear sir,
    I want to know are you making change in your new model#2022 of ybz dx sticker are marka….please tell me

  32. Chaudhary Zeeshan

    I booked ybr 125 g 6 times on your portal. No one called me neither email recieved. The shops in my city rawalpindi have such pathetic dealers. Their attitude is so bad THEY USE BAD LANGUAGE. Remove NEW EMAD from your list of shops. EJAZ AHMED IS VERY RUDE AND PATHETIC PERSON. !!

  33. Muhammad Taseen

    I have been facing issue with my ybr 2021 model, its the tik tik sound from tappet adjuster part. I visited lahore autos almost 5 times for this, although they were very helpful in my problem but even after second tuning the problem remain same, in second tuning Mr hussain at lahore autos asked me to change tappet adjusters i paid to change those but sound is still there. I also visited lahore regional office twice, where Mr kamran a very good person, he wasn’t able to help with that. I just want a proper solution to that noise because that noise is unusual, my friends got yamaha ybr also i compared sound with 3 bikes ybr offcourse, in different scenarios but my bike got unusual sound, please help.
    Here’s my contact number 03017802603

  34. Ahtasham

    Hello, hope all is well,
    I want to book Yamaha ybr 125 g black color. Just wan to confirm how much time it will take to deliver?
    Thank you

  35. Falak Jutt

    I purchased ybz dx on 16th of September 2020. Just 1 year passed and the tank got rust inside. I’ve never left the tank empty or with low petrol level. Always filled the tank.

    Kindly get back to me 03044808042 Lahore

  36. Zahid

    I have Yamaha ybz and front suspension is leaking I have claimed from pervaiz dealer of company shorkot cantt but not set well.I went there again and he didn’t claim it.I call care center but no dealer contact mel still plz consider my msg,thanks
    Tele#0304 7576956

  37. Ahsan Ali

    Yamaha YBR Esd 2021 is not available in Rawalpindi,Wah Cantt,Islamabad, Abbotabad,Haripur.while i have applied on book now option on yamaha Website but still no response.
    What is the reason behind this shortage.

  38. Raheel Mirjat

    Assalam O Alaikum.
    Do you have new 2 stroke Yamaha YB 100 for sale

  39. Abdul Ahad

    Sir I purchase dx mortar cycle .sir tenki mah legcag problem ha 6 month honay ko ha koi claim nahi ho Raha ha.

  40. M Kamran Irshad

    I purchase new yamha ybr 125 G in June 2021 but I cannot receive original file due to dealer now that yamha center in faisalabad is stop to work so please guide me how to I received.

  41. Neeraj Kumar

    Your helpline doesn’t pickup the call every single time. They are always busy. None i have ever got my query resolved.

  42. Raja Hamid Manzoor

    Poor aftersale service @ kamoke service shop.. i went for my first service after 1000 km, he misguided and did not take the token.
    Aftersales shop owner charged with labor charges and postponed the service token for the next service. There are almost 5 free service tokens, now almost 7 months since purchased and even one token is not useful 😒

  43. Abid yaqoob

    Hi , My name is abid yaqoob (03012789789) . I m have a 2 yamaha bikes 1 YD100 & 2and YBR125 , yesterday I, m take my YBR for rotten servicing in vehari YAMAHA service centre . Mr Asif is sitting in service centre his behaviour is to bad with me because he want to put some wire in chain cover but I stop him .
    He is telling me don’t come next time in my shop you take ur bikes to burawala or multan for services .
    I have a one question for YAMAHA respectable & responsible people, why should thay give a service centre for anyone even that know how to work & talk with customers . Why ?

  44. Farman

    Yamaha customer care is not picking my call for 3 weeks. I have complained about the service dealer for not tuning our bike free in karak , Bannu, and Kohat. they are saying Yamaha have close their free tuning in these 3 District. Especially in karak kpk. I don’t know why they are not providing spare as well very sad

  45. Ali Raza

    Hello, I bought Yamaha YBR-G 2021 model but after 3 days my bike’s self-starter stoped working and after one week i realized my trip meter also dosen’t work properly when i cross my first 99 km on meter. so I claimed the battery because i thought it was the battery issue but again after 3 days it will do the same, self-starter stop working.

  46. Muhammad Saad

    Assalam-u-Alaikum.! I am from lahore. Actually Main bhut dissopint howa ho jb main yamaha 125g bike lyny k liye dealer ship k pass gaeya to sb ny mujy aik bike pr 15 sy 20 thousands own ki demand ki….. jb k bike ki price 2 lahk 5 thousand the or ab 2 lahk 13 thousands 5 hundreds ha tb sy ye dealer zaleal kr rhe ha stock hone k bawajhod bike ni dye rhe…. kuch dealers k shops k name main show kr rha ho wo ye ha… Khuram autos 3S
    Al madina autos lahore Hotel wale.
    Mughal pura yahma dealer ship.
    Please contact me….

  47. Shahrukh Ali

    Mane recently new bike lee hai YB125Z us ki battery charger mai issue hai ya battrey mai q k 100 km chalne k bawajob battrey charge ni ho rahi
    Ya to uska charger kam nai kar raha mjhe lagta hai or mare nearest jo dealer hai wo warranty claim ni kare rahe khety hai humare pass say ni hogi Hafize Autos Gulshan hadeed

    Shahrukh Ali

  48. Shahrukh Ali

    Mane recently new bike lee hai YB125Z us ki battery charger mai issue hai ya battrey mai q k 100 km chalne k bawajob battrey charge ni ho rahi
    Ya to uska charger kam nai kar raha mjhe lagta hai or mare nearest jo dealer hai wo warranty claim ni kare rahe khety hai humare pass say ni hogi Hafize Autos Gulshan hadeed

    Shahrukh Ali

  49. Javed iqbal

    Dear sir
    I’m a rider yamaha yrb-g
    I have been running it for the last five years
    I had some problems I went Kamran Autos (Authorized Yamaha Quality Care Shop, Warranty Dealer, Service Dealer), 156-Multan road near Luckman Hakeem behind PSO pump, Lahore, Punjab 54000
    I told him about the motorcycle problems Here is the list
    Oil change
    Motorcycle tuning
    wheel alignment and paint
    Main switch repairing
    “Give me the motorcycle,” he said And I gave them the bike
    When I went 2 days later, the tires of the motorcycle were taken off
    After the 4 days only wheel alignment do . For alloyrim paint I took it for myself .
    Six days later I told him to fix my bike and he said angrily that I don’t have time, there is so much work that I will give your motorcycle at 12 o’clock in the morning. I called at twelve o’clock in the morning and he said take me at three o’clock and when I went to pick up the motorcycle at three o’clock he would say that I have to do all this work now I have just fix the tires. I told him to take out my motorbike, I didn’t want to work, so he refused to give me the motorbike .He wasted my seven days and received three thousand rupees from me only to wheel alignment .
    His attitude was very sad.
    He made a mis commitment to me .
    He used a harsh words.
    His behaviour is unofficial

  50. Zain BALOCH

    Hi, i am zain from pakistan i am very big lover yamaha company yamaha is best company in world i want yamaha lunched your model R15 in pakistan,plz yamaha you lunched your bike in pakistan i love this model R15.plz accept my request….yamaha is best one👍

  51. saran

    sir i lost my ybr g keys is their any solution to get get new keys from company or showroom

  52. Abdul Rahman

    Yamaha motorcycle is very poor quality … Too much complaint with part availability and unsatisfied customer services in Rawalpindi Islamabad.

  53. Huzaifa Tanveer

    I have Yamaha Ybr 125 ESD. Its gear shaft causing issue while shifting gear. The bike is driven just 1000km and the issue is from day one. Please let me know how can I get it fix in warranty. I have 4 coupons and warranty book available. I have called on 021 38899786 but not answered.

  54. Faisal


  55. Sultan Mehmood

    I want to know that is there any possibility to launch saluto 110 Yamaha in near feature

  56. Huzaifa

    Hope you’re doing well
    I have a Yamaha ybr-125 which I bought about 3 months ago and the reason behind it was it was a self start bike so its good for my dad but eventually it’s battery was out of work and I had to claim it and it’s been more than half a month that I’ve received the claimed new one so tell me how’s your service working for us?
    Well I don’t think it takes that much long to claim something which is in warranty…so help me out of this situation please because my dad isn’t able to kick start the bike every time and don’t make my decision of buying a Yamaha go wrong.
    Thank you!

  57. 03006393733

    Aoa i purchased new yamaha ybz in multan.i go for tuning on company outlet at Shaikh Sabir Auto Service Near Multan Arts Council.but your Mechanic’s behaviour is very bad.
    He insulting me and much more.
    I humbly request that plz take a solid step about him.
    And also refer me to your competent and professional person for Maintenance.plz contect me

  58. Asif Mumtaz

    Yesterday i put my complaint about mechanic Shaikh sabir auto servis.i also put my cell number.but i had not respond about Yamaha compny.
    Now i again open this complaint cell, but i shoked to see that my last complaint is Removed….?
    Now what i do for Tuning of my yamaha 125Z modle 2021?
    Plz need your kind favour…

  59. Wajahat khalil

    I went to yamaha customer service ghosiya Autos At karachi korangi 1 for Claim of fuel Tank.( Becasue it is very rusted. Rust goes to the Carburettor and one day it will chocked..)He was very misbehave and told me this is very small issue when your fuel tank change in to scrape then you will come. I want Claim of fuel tank.

  60. Waseem Ansari

    I’m Using Honda 125 Right now and Thinking Of Buying Yahama 125 Dx, But The Respones From Hyderabad dealer And Demand 10000 Own For Dx Changed My Mind , And Only One Work shop in hyderabad

  61. waqas alam

    hello Aoa…need your guide line hope you will do so…basically i lost my invoice of 2017 model,now i need it for registration but unfortunately i lost…now need your help what i have to do

  62. Daman zaman

    We book yamaha ybr 125 online but no response no call no message but why …

  63. Naeem ud din

    Assalam o Alaikum.
    Sir mere pass yb125 Z DX ha .mujhy bike ki tunning krwani ha.
    Bike set karwana ha .
    mujhy ap quetta m yamha ka acha sa care center batein jaha pa bike ka kam karwao.
    Thank u

  64. Syed Hammad Ahmed

    Very bad help line I am call and wait more then 5 MBT within 9 to 5

  65. Aziz Fasih

    I purchased a Yamaha 125G 3 months ago from Sargodha Rafiq autos and the meter has some faults. I told that to the owner of Rafiq autos and he sent claims about the meter of my vehicle from the last 3 months but there is no answer from you and your company. Now It’s been 3 months without any reply from your site. I think I made a mistake buying your company’s Yamaha 125G bike and I think your company’s customer service is poor. I have been waiting for the last 3 months for just a simple meter. I just got fade-up
    of waiting for the exchange of my vehicle’s meter.

    Can you please tell me how much more time you need to exchange the meter.
    Thank you.

  66. Haider Iqbal

    I was purchased YBR-G from Yamaha’s official distributer Lahore. From 0 to 500KM bike performs well. after 1st oil change sound of the bike changes, it sounds grrrr, grrrr on 7000RPM and ghennn gheeen like old honda bike from 1500 to 5000 RPM. it annoys me soo much. but Yamaha dealers say it’s the bike’s original sound. but I know it’s not original. because I have another YBR-G which is running perfectly.. firstly they said me come to us after 1000KMS and then said after 3000KMS now they said to come after 6000KMS.
    what should I do, where should I go? Hope you will reply to me soon. here is my contact no 03226176162



    Assalam Alykum,
    I want the CBU unit of YBR G Model 2017 that was directly imported from japan if available kindly contact and inform and book it. 03325637095

  68. Muhammad Azam

    Dear Sir,
    I have
    I am facing a problem I have a YBR 125 but there is a big issue that in the cold weather early in the morning when I started the bike then no start with switch and Kik. I have completed service/tuning of my bike but daily I face these problems, only one issue as I mentioned as above.
    Kindly consider my message and contact me at my given email address. Jazaka Allah
    I am waiting for your response.

  69. Mujtaba Ahmad

    I am Yamaha User Since 2016… Now I am using Yamaha YBZ -DX. I am facing a problem of meter reading from the first day as well noted to yamaha claim ceneter Iqra Autos they said give us contact number when we receive we will call you. Company Claim parts are not available if you want to purchase a new meter we can give you with cash price.
    Please give a positive response on urgent basis and change the meter as per claim policy.
    Thanking You,


    aoa . what is increase new bikes model price graphics changes in 2022 new year in first month

  71. Muhammad Bilal

    Dear sir
    I have a bike yamaha ybz dx last two month ago.sir i have a problem in bike front disk break.disk countinusly voice just like light drum music plz solve my problem as soon as possible
    Muhammad Bilal

  72. Muhammad Irfan

    Assalam u Alaikum
    I purchase new bike yamaha ybz 2022. Dtae 03.01.2022.
    And one week use then front right side shock seal damge and Mobil oil open .
    Then go to Yamaha service shop khushab and repair This .but today i observe that this shock is damgh

  73. Haroon Khalid

    Please tell me when new model is coming of Yamaha YBZ DX ? I want to purchase 2022 model .

  74. Vinny

    Recently bought YBZ 125 really pathetic experience the paint quality, break shoe, Chrome material etc are all of so low quality that it’s really sad to waist my money on Yamaha.
    Pray that people should realize this and not become a victim of low quality brand as I have

  75. Alkesh Kammal

    1-i want to know all the info about your instalment process! how can i get the bike on instalment and on what price?
    2- are you guys launching yamaha FZ 16 or any other 150cc bike in Pakistan any soon?

  76. Shafiq-ur-Rehman

    Intehai ghatya custore service ha. Battery lety he beth gaye or 2 mahinay se dealer BIKE CORNER tal matool kr Raha ha k company se battery nahe arahe. Itni mehngi bike derahy hain or mamoli Si battery replace the kr rahy, bewaqoofo ki tarha kick mar rahy hain December bhi khattam or ab January bhi in k 20 din nahe khattam horahy.
    Customer complaint k lye koi email address or portal bhi nahe ha. Call center ka record kis ko dikhen.
    Boht he sar Dard ha apki after sale services. November ki purchase ha message bhi bhi agya ha k file return hogye ha civic center se or dealer abtak file nahe di.

  77. Waseem

    For missing check filter and plug, for leakage i m also facing please guide yaha people where should i go for warranty,
    Location is Rawalpindi. Already 3S service center new emad auto is not claiming warranty.

  78. AbuZer Ghaffari

    I am having issue with my YBRg, it’s sulf is not working properly and also meter reading geuge and fuel geuge is not working.
    I complain about it several times in diffrent offices in Lahore, but no 1 is entertaining my query and it is almost 6 month…
    if i can not get my resolution in 1 or 2 weeks i am going to create a video with some other people who have issues for my youtube channel with almost 265k followers from Lahore and also i will post that on social media facebook, instagram tiktok and snackvideo. I am sure it will effect you and will be a bad image on your reputation so, please kind to your coustomers

  79. Muhammad saleem Qasim

    Sir meny YBR 125dx li hai 601km use ki hai abi tu noking buhat Karti hai oil b change kia hai03236055789

  80. AbuZer Ghaffari

    I am having issue with my YBRg, 3ven you guys arenot accepting my complain YBR sulf is not working properly and also meter reading geuge and fuel geuge is not working.
    I complain about it several times in diffrent offices in Lahore, but no 1 is entertaining my query and it is almost 6 month…
    if i can not get my resolution in 1 or 2 weeks i am going to create a video with some other people who have issues for my youtube channel with almost 265k followers from Lahore and also i will post that on social media facebook, instagram tiktok and snackvideo. I am sure it will effect you and will be a bad image on your reputation so, please kind to your coustomers

  81. Moon

    Is there any plan to launch 150cc in near future?? I am ybrG user since 2016 ..and now want to upgrade.. so instead switching to suzuki or honda i would wait for yama 150..reply me as soon as possible…

  82. Naveed

    I just want to know can we use hi octane 97/98 ron in ybr 125.

  83. Khawaja Qasim

    i buy YBZ-DX yesterday Fuel Gage having problem, i put 6 liter first fuel, and first time Gage indicator in middle, after that its show in E, if i turn to left then gage niddle moving little to right side, otherwise all time gage niddle show low fuel please let me know how to fix..


  84. Abbas

    I have faced an accident & my rear alloy rim is broken the bike is unable to move, kindly inform me if I can buy from the company or inform about the dealer from where I can purchase a new one.


  85. ABBAS

    No one responds, Nothing happens,
    aap ki call hamray liye ehem hai, barae meherbani intezear farmaiye, is waqt tamam numenday customer ki rehnumai mein masroof hain,
    Please hold, Your call is important to us our next availability after a call soon

  86. Umer

    Hi, my bike is producing an explosion sound from the exhaust while releasing a throttle, also I’m facing missing issue.

    I have ybr-z dx. bought 6 months ago, 7k driven. Waiting for your positive response.

  87. Muhammad Qasim

    Sir I have yahama ybr125 esd I had buy it few month ago from csd I live in rawalpindi can you share all yahama service center all list in rawalpindi I would be very thankful for this

  88. Faheem

    I went for tuning of ybz125 dx with the coupons of yamaha warranty book and the 2s dealer (SFA) is very rough behavior and the tuning not done properly it’s your fault Yamaha

  89. Shiraz Khalil

    Salam, mery baba ne 2008 ma Peshawar Yamaha Display Center se Cash pay 2008 Yamaha YD100 Purchase ki on 65000pkr. But un logo ny hamy koi invoice nhi di jo hmay aj kal ka kr kr k saal guzar gya at least ky wo showroom hi khtm hogya phr bht mushkil se us showroom k ek agent ka pata lagya usne 2015 ki invoice dedi k ye lo tmhy police waly roky to yeh dhyka dena now 2022 na wo bnda h na hamry bike k documents so please resolved my problem

  90. M.bilal

    Dear sir

    Ma nee 28-4-2022 ko apke sadiqabad k sharja Ato center se bike dhoom 70cc li thee Jo 1 din chalnyy k bad bike missing Kane lag apkee work shop pyy giaa too onhoo nee check kia k eske koi vair (tar) new dalyy gee hum apka Calim form bejhh rahnee apko call aye gee 4 din guzr gyy koi call nii or apke work shop waly khte age bahir see dalwoo gyy too apkyy bike Kee warnty khtm hoo jayee gee mera Aj 2 din hoo gyy bike house 🏠 ma khraa ma Kam par Ato see jata hu gareb admi hu plz help kare mere
    0305 3193473 mera number hy

  91. Sufyan

    I want to spin around the whole Pakistan to ensure that our conutry is a safe and secure conutry for minorities, majorities and for any cast, religion and of any colour people. I want to conduct this whole tour on bike. So can YAMAHA sponsered me a bike for the tour of Pakistan. In return my v logs advertised your bikes. It’s really and completely truth. You can answer me to my Gmail account which is given

  92. Sufyan

    Can yamaha center Islamabad do free tuning??? Ybr 125G tuning required

  93. Muhammad abdullah

    I have bought YBR g model on 10 oct 2020 and its 2022 in very short time my bike engine started giving noises and when i go to quality care yahama shop he was saying your engine crank shaaft is have problem so its needs to be replace so i just want to know how you can claim my order now i have just ride 9000 kilometer and in your book you are fiving 30000 kilomter warranty i need my claim back now even i have tuned my bike on time and on every 1000 kilomter i have changed oil then why this happen

  94. Sajjad

    AoA. Hope all well. I need to ask about spare parts (Speedometer and Head Light Assembly with complete accessories)of YBR 125. My YBR 125 (only 350 Km drivena) got struck due to which both the above mentioned spare parts got damaged and wanted to replace with genuine parts. I took my ride to Yamaha authorize dealer but due to non aval of spare parts, my ride is still not rectified. Plz provide the same without any delay. Ready to pay in advance as well as COD. Yamaha, plz look into it as majority of customers still facing this shortage of spare parts problem which is required to be sorted out at priority. If possible, plz contact me via email. JazakAllah.

  95. Syed Adnan

    Asalaam alaikum very very poor service no maintenance meri bike lahar maar rahi hai aur koi response Nahin de raha …

  96. Aamir Yaqub

    Dear Sir,
    I want to complain.
    I have a bike of Yamaha YBR-Z 125 in Attock, i went to Attock dealer and ask to check my bike Front Handle alignment. he reffer me to his mechanic to check it out the problem. Which is minor problem. But the mechanic telling a lie and asked me to replace the ”Complete front Handle Column”. But i refuse them and went to other Franchise, they also adjust it without any charges and any replacement. So plz worn them about fraud and cheating. Kindly contact me on my Cell 0300-9894954.

  97. Abdullah

    sir i request you please decrease the price of YBR-G🥺. i can’t afford 2 lac 65. I’m just 19 years old. and it this YBR is the 1st dream bike of me.. plz sir it is my humble request.. when the economy of Pakistan became stable plz decrease the price.. i will be very thankful to you 🥺♥️🙂

  98. Umar

    I am facing fuel tank paint issue.plz guide me .I bought it 6 month before

  99. Umar Farooq

    I am facing fuel tank paint issue. The colour of tank is start downed.I purchased this bike yb125z only 6 month ago.plz help me.

  100. Shafeeq

    Dear sir, I have ybr 125 g 2018 model and I terveled 100000 km till date now by bike release black smoke at 7000 rpm and also reduce the engine oil level also approximately 0.8 ltr out 1.0 ltr after 1000 km. Please guide me what can do now? Can I replced the rings only or it’s required complete engine overhaul? Your precious response is waiting

  101. Faheem

    I live in karachi and i owned yamaha 125g 2022 model.. I went to yamaha star gate dealer for the tunning of my bike consecutively for the 3rd time as in the last 2 visits there staff literally have told k you have to wait for 2,3 hours
    Today again i went there at 6:30 after leaving from my office early. Again the workers there said come tomorrow.
    I said you don’t have much crowd today and there 1 and a half hour remaining in closing and they replied rudely ok as you wish you can wait but don’t blame us if you won’t get service, they were literally behaving like if having their service free of cost after that i have started to wait as my bike barely need service and I’ve seen that the staff there have started group discussions with each other and they were passing the time k bs jldi s shop close krny k time hjaye.. literally this is how they are treating your customers and destroying your brand image

  102. Muhammad Awais Rana

    This is Awais from Lahore, I have purchased my new Bike Yamaha YB125z-dx Model having registration number ALU 5694, Engine Number E33AE-003032, Chassis Number RE37H-002304, Purchase Date 18-May-2022 from Mr. Akmal Hussain (Afzal Traders Lahore).

    When I took the bike from the showroom and driver almost 100 KM I heard a bad sound coming from the engine, I visited again the showroom from where I had purchased my bike, the mechanic said it is usual please do not panic when you come on your first tunning this issue would be resolved.

    My first service was done at 450 KM because on the service card it is clearly mentioned that 500 KM OR 1 month whichever comes first.

    After service same sound came again and the mechanic said no issue you can drive the sound would clear after some kilometers of the drive.

    Yesterday I again visited Afzal Traders and again highlight my issue then Mr. Asad checked my bike properly and diagnosed that your head and ring piston is creating sound, you must have to visit Sharif Autos for a warranty claim.

    Before everything or going for a warranty claim, I am asking you that I have paid Rs. 226,000/- for this bike only for getting tension. I am much worried about my concern. Please assign someone and handle this issue on a priority basis.

    Please resolve my issue on a priority basis and pay compensation.

    Your quick and kind action in this regard is highly appreciated.

  103. Abdullah

    your new price hike in YB/ YBR/YBR-G is fucking speachless. i think now nobody can even think about buying yor bikes. for example YBR-G is about worth of 3 lac (125cc). on the other hand HONDA CB 150cc worth equally about 3 lac so why would anyone buy YBR-G 125 cc instead 150 cc in same price range. please answer me.!🤬

  104. Samar

    Respected sir please imfo me about Yamaha ybzdx 125 shock price and how I will book now Yamamoto companies

  105. Samar

    Mea ny ybzdx 125 2022 model march mea lia hai kl.mera road accident howa hai jis m dono shock absorber damage ho gay hai r kahi s mil bhe nahi rahy kaya claim ho skta hai?

  106. Hamid Raza

    Dear Sir I am live in haronabad.
    Sir Kal many lens comp apki agency sa purchase keya han Jb ky us part Kee geniun price with Tex ky Sath 40 rupees di hui agency walo my white pointer sa usy remove Kar ky wo single lens comp 100 rupees ka sale Kar rhy han solo kindly AP please ussa rabta kary or unhy retail price pa parts sales karny ka kahy na ky coraption karny ka sooo please application ignore na kary as pa for kary yeh agency ky name kahrab Kar rhy

  107. Zaheer Ahmad

    i need fuel tank and tappay YD-125CC 2014 Model

  108. Muhammad Affan Ajmal

    Very Poor response of YAMAHA company on customer complain handling , i launched a complain before one and half month , i have YAMAHA YB-DX , My bike speed meter Fuel guage got faulty still i am struggling to get this, every time i have come to listen ,” spares nit available in warehouse , mil jai ga apko” this is totally unprofessional attitude. I am feeling that i have purchased China company bike. YAMAH is brand but very sorry customer support is zero.

  109. Khizar abbas

    Dear yahama center
    I buy yahama ybz 2022 in January
    Meter reading is 1400 km
    There is clutch box noise from the day one .
    I call at your given number a month ago they said we will contact u in three day but no one contact me
    I am from hafizabad
    I go to your authorised service Center they point out that there is something wrong with clutch box they even call the engineer but no one still come to hafizabad and fix my bike
    I just want to know there is no one to claim ? No one gona take the responsibility of this problem? Did i make wrong choice ?
    Im disappointed
    Kindly ask your team to resolve this problem looking forward for your response my contact is 03004828299

  110. Ajmal iqbal

    Despite repeated effort to contact you on provided helpline but all didn’t hot any response. I bought ybr 125z all of sudden its petrol tank showed some moist of petrol on the left side of tank near fuel selection switch (reserve / full ) upon inspection it revel that seem joint is sealed with steel poteen. Which is causing leakage of almost 5 to 6 inch joint patch. Which is fault at quality control. Need suitable replacement of said fiel tank
    Amjad iqbal

  111. Ziaullah

    I am from district ……… . A lot of people here in our district love yamah Bikes but in our distict there is no authorized dealership of yamaha . People always go outside of the fistrict to fullfill there needs or they purchase it from unothorized dealers or bargainers to earn very much and improper profits…
    So the main thing i want to say that i am desiorus to open a Yamaha athorized showroom. In which all the verities of yamaha bikes will be avalible…
    I can afford it.. So what should i have to do…
    I want to open a Showroom having all the verities of yamaha bikes…

  112. Ammar

    New bike ybz dx 1000 km sy kam chala hai ist tunning p mianwali k authorised machenic sab ny chain adjust ke aur awaz ana start ho gai. Me wapis gya tab bhe sahab ko munasib nai laga k wo khud check kar lyn bachon sy phr adjust karai ziada tight hony ke soorat me chain terhi ho gai aur ab wo claim nai kar ry. Mera mashwara hai mianwali k mechanic ko chano ke rehi laga dyn

  113. Saad Oomerjee

    Sir my ybr’s back rim was got to hot … and I buy it just 1 week ago

  114. Abdul Salam

    Sir i just recently got one months ago you your company bike Dhoom Ydl 70 have purchased sir i have a lot of trouble with this Especially the material used is is very low I just sent the claim The bike meter that was there was not was going For that I am your dealer they have meter claim He says that now it will take 2 months, it will take 3 months, there has been an the flood has come which new story are you telling? And the iron that was used is easily rusting on it. I request you you should always do it fast And last shock of motorcycle very cheap and give sound

  115. Muhammad Ashraf

    I hv purchased YBZ DX in may 2022. Whn got punctured. I was revealed that tyre has manufacturing fault. Visited Iqra Autos Rwp. Claimed tyre. I was told to visit shop aftr 5 days. Till now I have visited workshop 4 times. Called official PTCL number of Yamaha. Still tyre has not been provided. I wanna ask that yamha company is in need of some donations to provide parts to customers???? V.v. pathetic service at all. Even after one month of claim, Company has nothing to provide. Where to go?

  116. Rizwan

    I just want to know i was using 20W50 mineral oil since start now mileage is aprox 43800 , please advise now i can use yamaha lube plus 20w40 (semi synthetic) or not, please reply urgent because now need to replace engine oil after recommended mileage.

  117. Muhammad

    Sir Mujhy Yamaha DHOOM 70 cc Motorcycle ka janion Spare part.

    1. Ring + Piston 50 Number ka
    2. Clutch Plate
    3. Pressure Plate
    Zrort hein ye mil jain gi?

  118. Hamza Ali

    Hi i want to know about yamaha bikes installments. So i want to know yamaha are selling bike ybr in installment if yes please share me your procedure and if Price is high of yamha so installment price remain same or change?

  119. Muhammad Afnan

    I have Yamaha YBZ125DX. 2022. January registered .
    I am facing one serious issue regarding my bike’s engine ..the engine is getting too much heated … Plz find me a solution …

  120. Khalid Baig

    I have bought Yamaha ybr 125z. Speed is not working on 20 June 2022. It is not working at all. I visited Yamaha service center in rawalpindi both al noor auto and iqra auto mobile in rawalpindi. They are reluctant in respond. They are saying that they have send my complaint to yamaha but yamaha company is not responding. Kindly advise me what should i do and resolve the issue. My number is 03349550151

  121. Abdul Naeem

    Sir i am living in Gulshan e Hadeed bin qasim karachi. Can i buy spare parts from your assembly plant?

  122. Abdul Ahad

    highly Unprofessional Staff on Call Centre who is unware when customer’s problem will be resolved.

  123. Sanaullah

    AOA. dear yamaha there is always seen laking by yamaha pakistan any attractive model as yamaha international leads in india indonesia etc. as recently launch a new 150cc bike yamaha R15 v-4 sports bike in the above countries.. though i have used yamaha ybr 125g.. unfortunetaly i am still awaiting for the new versatile version yzf 150 r15 v4… request you to please update your company such as other countries did.
    please to sign MOU with yamaha international for more sports bikes like yamaha r6 new model and so on..
    because we are still depend upon local made motorcycle with very high rates.

  124. Muhammed Umer

    I want to buy YBR 125G in instalments by making a downpayment of 100000.
    Whereas I have submitted a query twice but didn’t get any response from your side.

  125. Muhammed Umer

    Please share the mailing address like e-mail

  126. Amir Mehmood

    Please reduce the prices of Yamaha Bikes, we can’t afford 3.5 Lakh motorbike in 3rd world country like Pakistan. Dollar going to downwards, So please reduce Your prices under 3 Lakh. Thank you

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