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Your brain might trick you into thinking you do not do enough to uphold that image of a super motorcyclist, but worry not! We have it all figured out for you. All you need to do now, is follow these five top tips to becoming a one of kind personality in the biking world.

Follow The Rules

The first step to becoming an absolute star is none other than following the rules. You cannot become a biker if you do not know the basic rules and regulation that go side by side with riding your motorcycle.

  • Red lights are not for fun; running a red light is a serious offense and may end up being pricey.
  • Pedestrians are also humans. Just because your ride is flexible, does not mean you are allowed to swerve your way around, causing people alarm.
  • ALWAYS wear a helmet.

Check That Bike Out

You probably check your bike every single time you look at it, but really, you need to get it checked every two weeks to ensure nothing is amiss. Just to be on the safe side, the tires on your bike need to be in full form providing you with a smooth and worry free ride.

Lucky Number 32

You know what does not hurt while being on the road? Passing people a small smile. Someone somewhere might be having a horrible day and you being nice could help them relax a bit so they can go on about their day. Not only them, but you yourself will also feel a lot better!

Lend A Helping Hand

Cars break down on the side of the road every other day and not a lot of people bother with helping those in need. Change that culture by lending a helping to anyone who needs it.

The Most Important Step

Your motorcycle! Do you own a Yamaha? If not, you are missing the greatest part of becoming a top motorcyclist! The YBR125 and the YBR125G are both for our rebellious and nature junkies while the YB125Z is for people who want to keep their style intact while enjoying a comfortable ride.

19 Responses to “Five Top Tips To Becoming A Super Motorcyclist”

  1. atif khan

    it is request to yamaha motors pakistan, to open spear parts dealer in hyderabad sindh pakistan. because the dealers in hyderabad are saling (not original) spear parts and the geniun parts all at high rates. please take action against them.
    such high rates may affect on marketing in hyderabad region

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Atif, Please contact us at (021) 38402002, so we can guide you better.

  2. atif khan

    Yamaha bike are awesome in all aspects but company need to upgrade some of the following feachers.
    the break shoes of rare tire
    the stand (large stand) use to hit on the road even on a small jump if the rider is heavy or riding double.
    for this problem just need to adjust the large stand.

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Atif, customer satisfaction is our first priority, we are striving to make our quality better and already working on it.

  3. Kamal M. Hashmi

    Hi Guys, I heard Some one that Yamaha is going to Lunching New 150cc Bike in Pakistan.
    Is it true. If they lunching or not Please to Confirm,

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Kamal, plans are under process. We will keep you updated once a decision is taken. Please visit our Facebook page for latest updates.

  4. Ateeq Bajwa

    Dear Reader,
    Please inform me about your bikes mileage. I want to purchase Yamaha bike as its best design as per compared with others.But I am worry about millage.I have check all specification at site but didn’t found information about that.

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Ateeq, mileage depends upon ridding condition.Please contact us at (021) 38402002, so we can guide you better
      *Please call at this number during our office hours i.e 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday – Saturday.

  5. yasir mirza

    i have buy yamaha yb 125 z bick in march 2018.
    awsome bick i like it.
    butt i want more yamaha 150cc touring bick.
    we are waiting yamaha 150 cc
    we like yamaha bick,s

    plz reply and update .

  6. Amir Shahzad

    I Purchased the YBR 125 I am totally dis heard from YBR 125 PLEASE CONTACT ME ON MY NO. 0346-8603339

  7. Hassan

    hey there. i have bought yamaha ybr 125 in jan 2018. I love its drive and it is awsome bike. it is almost 1700km driven till now. but there is an issue. engine starts missing on 7.5 to 8 rpm. what is the solutions?

  8. Salman

    Dear concern,
    I own a Suzuki GS 150SE Nov.2016. Is there a possibility that I trade in my GS with your Ybr 125G. I am a fan of Yamaha motorcycles. I also own a yb100. This yb100 was a gift from my father to me on passing my matriculation exams with flying colors. The year was 1982. I own that marvelous two wheeler since than, almost 36+ years.
    Waiting for your response.
    Salman Zaman

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Salman, we don’t have any exchange policy available at the moment.

  9. Jawad Malik

    Hello! I want to know that in the Tunning process of yamaha YBR G . Which maintaince work is included in the tunning process.. beacuse i went to the yamaha motor and he just clean my filter. Tighten the chain and tapets….and asked me for 400Rs …. could you please tell that. Is that sufficient in the tunning process???

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