The New Yamaha YB125Z - Yamaha Motor Pakistan

4 reasons why you need to shift to a smoother ride!

The all new YB125Z from Yamaha Motor Pakistan has finally hit all dealerships.

The motorcycle promises comfort even when pillion riding. Here are 4 reasons why YOU need to shift to the new YB125Z!

8 Responses to “The New Yamaha YB125Z”

  1. Asad Ali

    Hello Team Yamaha,
    I already enjoying My Yamaha YB125Z.
    This is very super, perfect and comertable bike for family also.

    I Used Suzuki 110 before purchasing Yamaha YB125Z. But when i purchased Yamaha i forget Suzuki or Honda.

    I Love My Ride Yamaha YB125Z

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Sir, thank you for your kind feedback. We hope you enjoy every ride with your Yamaha.

  2. Shakeel Shad

    is it possible or any option that i can change the gear shift in my 2019 yb125z

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Sir,Kindly call at our service center 021 3 8899 786 regarding your query.

  3. Ali Subhani

    Over all experience is very good,
    Mudguards especially front height is not suitable, even rider can not safe/ avoid from water/ mud etc. needs to re designed as per our local requirement.

  4. Muhammad Ehsan

    I purchased YB-125-Z. I am facing the same issues which are mentioned above following issues:

    Raat mai bike park kerdo or subha start kerney ki kosish to start hotay k sath hi off hou jaatee hai but I adjusted RPM as per my own it is working fine but I went to the service center they adjusted as per company so issue is starting again.

    Bike slips on applying rear breaks. I am still in Break-In period. So in any case, I don’t go above 50 Kms/hr and 4000 RPM. Still, on applying EMERGENCY breaks, the bike always slips. Is it the rear tyre that needs to be replaced or something else? By default, Service tyre is installed. I am maintaining the Yamaha recommended Air pressure in both Tyres.

    Kindly give suggestion(s) and advises.

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Dear Sir, Kindly call at our service center 021 3 8899 786 for assistance.

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