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Being a biker in Pakistan is probably the most thrilling yet tiring experiences. The way bikers have to carry themselves on the roads in Pakistan is definitely quite difficult.

We know you’ve witnessed it all. These roads are as unpredictable as it can get and any person with common sense will fear these roads.

We sat down with some hardcore motorcyclists in Pakistan and they had a lot to share regarding their experiences. “Being a biker here, you may have the upper hand in some cases,” said Fahad, who commutes to work on his bike every day. “I think the biggest advantage in a city like Karachi, is that even in traffic jams you can get to your workplace sooner and with less frustration as compared to a bigger vehicle.”

Fahad also added “But at the same time it is riskier and dangerous too. In a country like this with broken roads and hazards present at every corner, bikers suffer the most. Whether it is their fault or the other person’s, most accidents here occur because of rough riding and peoples’ lack of awareness about safety precautions.”

Another motorcyclist, Nashit, who’s more of a weekend warrior when it comes to biking, said “If I could change one thing, I would change the traffic pattern. I believe that the life of a biker in Pakistan would become much better if people start following the rules and traffic signals start working properly.”

On the other hand, Taha, a university student explained how previously his experiences on the road as a biker were very difficult. However, purchasing a YBR 125 recently has turned his life around as a biker. “Thanks to my YBR, my commutes have gotten really comfortable thanks to the proper seat positioning of the bike. Also, the tricky and damaged roads of my city are less troublesome when I’m riding on my YBR.”

Taha also recommends students and bikers like him to try the YBR. “I’m sure the YBR will make your life a whole lot easier!”

5 Responses to “What’s It Like Being a Biker in Pakistan”

  1. Danish Alam

    Yamaha, really revs our hearts. It’s almost 2 years now, I have been riding a best bike in the Pakistan for short and long routes that is YAMAHA 125Z.

    Design is so smooth and elegant, Engine shows it real power, Fiber body is stronger than metal and performance is out class.

    I have a daily route of 50 Km. Previously with my old bike it was a nightmare to ride, and have had a worst back pain.
    Now thanks to Yamaha, I have get rid of that pain. It’s really provide a relief to bikers like me.

    I have recommended YAMAHA to my friends and colleagues as well so here is now 4 x 125z, 1 x 125G and 2 x YBR in our circle.

    Thank you Yamaha.

    A satisfied customer
    Danish Alam

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Hi Danish, thank your for your valuable feedback. Much appreciated.

  2. Husnain raza

    I have Yamaha YBR 125G since september 2015 and its still in a good running condition. I took this bike tp notheren areas of Pakistan twice and I almost took my bike to everywhere. It is such a good touring machine. I have not faced any single on my every tour.

    I also went to Karachi on my bike twice and from there I get two unknown bikers and we all three went to Kund Malir. It is located on Sindh Balochistan border and itd such a very beautiful place.

    In the I would say that if you are looking for a tour bike either you want to travel in cold or hot weather, yamaha is the best choice. You should buy this bike and I assure you, you will definitely love to ride this bike…

    Kyun ke dil ne kaha YAMAHA

    Husnain Raza from Lahore
    0333 459 7715

    • Yamaha Motor Pakistan

      Hi Husnain, thank you for your valuable feedback. Much appreciated.

  3. SK Niazi

    Recently I have purchased the YBR-G I am surprised by the confort level of this bike. No doubt this is the moat comfortable and best bike for long and short trips. Loved it

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