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As the seasons change, so do our riding habits. Here are some ways you can wind away from your winter woes and continue to enjoy your time with your Yamaha.

A warm cup in winter
There are few better ways to enjoy the cold than with a warm cup of tea. Visit your favorite local chai dhaba and take in the weather with a warm cup of your favorite brew. You can also use this opportunity to discover new places around you.

Any time spent with friends is time well spent. Winters are a great time to enjoy bonfires and even barbecues if you can. The mix of cool wind with the heat from the fire is quite the spectacle and could create memories to cherish for years to come.

Join a riding club
Yamaha Riders Club is the perfect place for you to meet like-minded individuals and form friendships based on your favorite activity – riding. Especially in winter, clubs like this can be very useful in providing activities to do and places to go with people who share the same passion.

Winter safety is vital to ensuring your well-being. Remember to keep your Yamaha well maintained, use genuine Yamaha parts from authorized dealers only, and always wear appropriate winter clothes to stay warm.

Conquer winter with Yamaha!

3 Responses to “Conquer winter with Yamaha!”

  1. raheel maqsood

    sir why not yamaha lunches their new additions in pakistan.

  2. Inam ullah khan

    Dear sir
    I have bought Yamaha YBZ125 2020 than i want silent exhust sount, for that i keep the exhust hole smaller, after the sound of my motorcycle become silent, that i like.
    Now my Question is that keeping the exhust hole smaller will effect the engine?

  3. Iftikhar Ahmad

    I bought ybr g in August 2021 it’s great machine to drive but after 1.3k drive it’s rpm needle start jumping and after that completely stopped. I went to attock service center they tell me that meters are not available now so you came after and till now they are saying this. so please guide me what to do?

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